Self Portrait 4x5 Deardorff Paper

Kyle Harvey is a poet, filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer and musician.

Harvey was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award (Hyacinth, Lithic Press 2013) and winner of the Mark Fischer Poetry Prize. His poems have appeared in A Dozen Nothing, American Life in Poetry, Dirty Chai, Dream Pop, Electric Cereal, Empty Mirror, Fat City Review, Heavy Feather Review, HOUSEGUEST, Metatron, New Bile, Ossuary Whispers, Pilgrimage, Pith, Poems-For-All, Reality Hands, Scribbler, SHAMPOO, Think JournalThe Wallace Stevens Journal and elsewhere. Lithic Press published his serial poems July and Farewell Materials, while Reality Beach, recently, a package of broadsides titled, The Alphabet’s Book of Colors: Supplemental Notes for Philipp Otto Runge’s Die Farbenkugel. His collection, Cosmographies, is forthcoming from Cuneiform Press 2021. 

Solo, and in various bands, Harvey has been fortunate to share the stage with Deerhunter, Daniel Johnston, The Mountain Goats, David Bazan, The Old 97’s, Spoon, Bright Eyes, The Good Life, Criteria, Frank Black (of The Pixies), The Stills, Jeffery Lewis, The Faint, Superchunk, Ben Kweller, William Elliott Whitmore, Eric Bachmann (of Crooked Fingers and Archers of Loaf), Jeremy Messersmith, Jay Farrar, David Rawlings, The Great Lake Swimmers, Adam Franklin (of Swervedriver), Cursive, Mates of State, Dave Dondero, Milagres and many more.

His first film, Portolano: A Film About Jack Mueller, premiered in October 2018. Most recently, It’s Nice To Be With You Always: A Film About Neeli Cherkovski premiered at the 2020 Omaha Film Festival. He lives with his wife and children in Fruita, Colorado. 


Cosmographies (Cuneiform Press 2022)

Coolidge & Cherkovski: In Conversation (Editor; Lithic Press 2020)

1750 | To be carried like time across lapping waves (Poems-For-All)

1749 | Jack, I don’t know what to say (Poems-For-All)

1748 | The World Beyond The Poem (Poems-For-All)

The Alphabet’s Book of Colors: Supplemental Notes for Philipp Otto Runge’s Die Farbenkugel  (Reality Beach 2016)

Farewell Materials  (Lithic Press 2015)

July   (Lithic Press 2014)

Hyacinth   (Lithic Press 2013)


It’s Nice To Be With You Always: A Film About Neeli Cherkovski – Directed by Kyle Harvey (Lithic Films, Premiered March 2020 at the Omaha Film Festival)

Coolidge & Cherkovski: In Conversation – A Film by Kyle Harvey (Lithic Films, Post-production)

Portolano: A Film About Jack Mueller – Directed by Kyle Harvey (Lithic Films 2018)

Design Awards

2018 PubWest Book Design Award: Gold for Elegy For My Beat Generation by Neeli Cherkovski 

2018 PubWest Book Design Award: Bronze for Stray by Adam Houle


Bloom – When Light (Interstellar Oceans 2023)
The Shape of Time – When Light (Interstellar Oceans 2022)
Disjecta membra – When Light (Interstellar Oceans 2022)
Distances – When Light (Interstellar Oceans 2022)
Kyle Harvey – Kyle Harvey (Lithic Press 2017)
Live at Cavalcade – Kyle Harvey (Slo-Fidelity 2011)
Another Afterlife – It’s True! (guitar/noise; self-released)
The End of the World – Kyle Harvey (Slo-Fidelity 2011)
Merry Christmas From Outer Space – Kyle Harvey (Slo-Fidelity 2010)
It’s True! – It’s True! (bass; self-released)
Nightmares (of You and Me By the Sea) – Kyle Harvey (Slo-Fidelity 2010)
Cowboy Indian Bear/It’s True! Split 7″ – It’s True (bass; The Record Machine 2010)
Truth Is the Color of Teeth – Kyle Harvey (Slo-Fidelity 2009)
The Ointments EP – The Ointments (guitar; self-released 2005)
The Holidays in Spain – Kyle Harvey (self-released 2004)

Journals & Zines

“Western Suite for Nothing In Particular & Western Suite Without Sleep in Egypt” (Scribbler, Issue 101, October/November 2019)
“from COSMOGRAPHIES,” The Alphabet’s Book of First Fire,” and “Western Suite for Danny on His 60th Birthday” (A Dozen Nothing, May 2018)
“The World Beyond the Poem,” “Jack, I don’t know what to say,” and “To be carried like time across the lapping waves” (Empty Mirror, November 2017)
“From The Alphabet’s Book of Early Thought” (Dream Pop: Issue 2. October 2017)
“Obey the emerging form: Literary icon, Jack Mueller, dies at 74” (Entropy Magazine)
“Example Theory: erasure of The Elegant Universe”  (Dirty Chai: Issue 10, Summer 2016)
“From Anglais Mort à Florence, and: From Re-statement of Romance”  (The Wallace Stevens Journal: Volume 40 No. 1, Spring 2016)
“From The Alphabet’s Book of Colors”  (Reality Beach: Issue 1, February 2016)
“She might have kept him,” “An exact replica of you,” and “From The Alphabet That Never Recovers”  (Pith, May 2015)
“Settler’s Creek”   (American Life In Poetry/Poetry Foundation, April 2015)
“July is one afternoon”   (Reality Hands, Winter 2015)
“Tailing”   (New Bile, Winter 2015)
“Glacier” and “Field Recording”   (Heavy Feather Review, Winter 2015)
“Wild Onion”   (Pilgrimage, Winter 2015)
“Being Human Is Hard”   (Internet Poetry, January 2015)
“The Universe”   (Electric Cereal, December 2014)
“July is one felled oak in a field” and “July is the poetry of”   (Metatron, November 2014)
“c/o The Fourth Circle of Hell”   (Houseguest, Issue 1)
“Achoo,” “Veronica, Pregnant” and “Even Four Year Olds Argue With Themselves”   (Mama Liberada, 2014)
“Sad Songs For Sad Sacks”   (SP CE Lovebook, 2014)
“Soft Enough To Dig”   (Ossuary Whispers, 2013)
“Hyacinth” and “Thirteen Ways of Looking At An Orange”   (Shampoo, Issue 41)
“My Wife’s Feet”   (Fat City Review, 2013)
“The Last of Winter”   (Colorado Journeys, 2013)
“But is it Art?”   (Grand Valley Magazine, 2013)
“The Death of a Fly Fisherman”   (Telluride Watch, 2013)

Interviews, articles and reviews…

Copiously: On Dolores Dorante’s “Copy” and Kyle Harvey’s “Cosmographies (Los Angeles Review of Books, September 2022)
All and Always Balance: Kyle Harvey and Jeff Alessandrelli in Conversation (Rain Taxi Spring 2020)
The Reality Beach Questionnaire (Reality Beach)
Review of Farewell Materials (Nostrovia Tavern)

We Are All July: Review  (The Lit Pub, November 2015)
“Meaning is the Murder of Process.” A chat With Kyle Harvey, editor of Fruita Pulp (The Review Review)
Review of July  (Twenty Four Hours, 2015)

Review of July   (Bottlecap Press, January 2015)
Review of July   (Probably Crying Review, January 2015)
Review of July   (Nostrovia! Poetry, December 2014)
Kyle Harvey on why he prefers words to music   (Lazy-I, February 2014)
Fruita poet wins an award, publishes book   (Post Independent, July 2013)

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