Interviews, articles and reviews…

Copiously: On Dolores Dorante’s “Copy” and Kyle Harvey’s “Cosmographies (Los Angeles Review of Books, September 2022)
Review of Colidge & Cherkovski: In Conversation
All and Always Balance: Kyle Harvey and Jeff Alessandrelli in Conversation (Rain Taxi Spring 2020)
The poet as wayfinder: Portolano (Telluride Watch)
The Reality Beach Questionnaire (Reality Beach)
Review of Farewell Materials (Nostrovia Tavern)

We Are All July: Review  (The Lit Pub, November 2015)
“Meaning is the Murder of Process.” A chat With Kyle Harvey, editor of Fruita Pulp  (The Review Review)
Review of July  (Twenty Four Hours, 2015)

Review of July   (Bottlecap Press, January 2015)
Review of July   (Probably Crying Review, January 2015)
Review of July   (Nostrovia! Poetry, December 2014)
Kyle Harvey on why he prefers words to music   (Lazy-I, February 2014)
Fruita poet wins an award, publishes book   (Post Independent, July 2013)

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